"With a moody, cerebral sound that values atmosphere over dirty raw power, Velnias aren’t a band to go to if you require constant pummeling, but they could certainly provide it if they wanted—the excellent drumming often patters beneath the quiet bits like a lurking threat." - Monika Kendrick


A band that requires as much patience as it does adornment for the extreme, Velnias provides where other black metal bands do not. Cerebral, atmospheric, and raw, with an affinity to nature - whose riffs adorn the trees as well as the mountains, the coasts as much as the plains. Aequorea and Feral Season only contribute to the endearment to nature, purely from a life engulfed in the foothills of Northern California. Succumb to the knowledge of the trees.

Jan 13th - Velnias, Aequorea and Feral Season